Tuesday, May 10, 2011


long long time dint update my blog ad....
dun knw wan write wat lah~
today my first time drive on the road~~~~~
lalala~happy lo~ fortunetely dun have any accident~~~~
haha~but tis weather are too hot for me to learning driving!!!!!!!
i wan pengsan ard~~~~~
need to bath all the time lah~
i'm confirm i study at Utar Sg.long ard....
i accept the letter jor~
so i will start school at 30/5...
aiyo~ just leave few week only...><
i wan holiday again lah~


need to keep all my thing ard~
becoz~ 22/5 i move in to new house at sg.long lah~
i will organize a open house party soon~
hope all of u guys can come lah~
have a garthering ma~~~~~~
bye tm connaught de P.M~~~~~~~~`