Monday, November 21, 2011


long long time dint update d lol...
haha~ really no time for me!!!!
finallt finish all coursework and mid term d~~~
now is time for preparing the coming soon final exam d...
time is GOLD... rush so fast~
let me cant follow up!
ok ok~ December 10& 13 is my final exam again..
I cant go to meet my HEBE ah......><
so bad!!! miss a chance again...fsdhfkjs...
whatever lol~
i heard a Good NEWS from Teddy~
黄伟君老师will marry 谢子江老师in tis week ya~~^^
so excited lo~ felt frighten...
haha~ congratz..^^
i wanna marry you too^^black boy..

Hope all the candidate who will participate in exam GOOD LUCK

Gambateh nei~~~~~~~~~