Tuesday, March 27, 2012

long time ago

Had long long time ago, i didnt updated my blog jor!
haizz...this sem are out of kilter...
i dun like it!
i feel like dun have any direction for my study..
i scare to fail any subject anymore..
few like dun have any thing is done...
didnt set any goal for myself~
so my life getting cin cai and cin cai...
haizz.... STOP this kind of life..
so bored geh study life~
I HATE IT!!!!!

recently, i also need many job earn some pocket money...
have many thing wants to buy! ><
BUT no more advance money~
So, i need some part time job~

Need to fight for my SEM 3 final exam d~
so fast, i had finish my year one degree..@@
but seem like dont get anything...=,=
is my problem~
i will put more effort on it!
GOD bless me~