Tuesday, February 5, 2013

CNY mood

HaLo~ just said to myself~
erm... cny is on the corner, tis weekend~
pity boy, tis year din go back ur kampung..
need help in the shop ah~
anyone knw the shop "HOSEKI" pls go n visit him ^^

this year cny i just go genting n penang only~
will come back early~ like chou sam will come back lo~
this time just buy less, b'cos save money for tuition fees n travel lo..
sorry my parent! i will put more effort on my study!

actually this semester quite stress...><
many hard paper need to overcome..
need to complete assignment during cny also.. T^T
But, Just Do It!
study more hard to prevent it!

Anyway, hope everybody will enjoy the CNY~
once again, Happy Chinese New Year!
drink more water~