Friday, August 12, 2011

Aug..up to date~

so fast already ogos har!!
final exam will be coming soon on September lo~
my birthday dun have exam but hor~ at the next day lo~
so sad har!!!
i cant celebrate my birthday until midnight jor.....><
never mind~
19 years old de birthday cant celebrate de wor...
tat's my mom said...
she said not good ... but i think still have many ppl r celebrated ma~
dun mind lo~
maybe just a rumour...
next is about my mid term exam lo~
the business law exactly killed me d~
the tutor called my name.. badly..
she said she unhappy for four of us mid-term wor...T.T
i felt so sad lah~
yo~~~ n the f.a also ...but still pass lah~
feel like sorry for myself lo~
i study b4 de ~
y still just pass only~
cant get higher marks meh?????
enjoy n enjoy my Uni life ba~