Saturday, December 14, 2013

exam DONE

2014 Starbucks Planner
WOW!!! Finally the exam is over~
If not i will be bankrupt and old lady already lol
Keep go Starbuck and study whole day~
That's why i can redeem the 2014 planner... =,=
Drink starbuck drink until I bankrupt!!!
And when i saw green tea latte i wan vomit ald!!!! ><"
That was the first time we can have a same time to study our exam..
While study, we have our own sweet time ^^
Hahaha~ more easy to memorize whn the word come from him~
So i love to study with you la big BB~

Details ^^ can put tablet
Done with all PASSED!
But not the result that i need~
Haiz.. Cant push up my CGPA..
Next sem need to work hard more & more..
5 subject to go...
i sure need to extend my study period ald..><
so frenz~ dun ask me when can i graduate...
It's gonna hurt me... T^T
I wish to graduate ASAP also...
I try my best to do not fail anymore!
But still cant graduate on time..