Tuesday, May 29, 2012


today i drive to school~
thx  for ur help~
i knw u r busy, but still come n accompany me drive to school~
Thank Q so much~
But i still dunno how to Parking!!!
tmr dunno how lah..
i so scare to parking...
i think i need park very far...
i'm so silly lah...
i knw u teach me many times n father also~
but i still dunno how to go into the square..

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

bad day

yesterday i had accident again.. with him..
always like that~
but this time quite angry!
although v bang dia~
but y he can so absent minded to push ppl n threaten ppl like tht??

take licence also wanna copy~
copy wat oh?
dun have licence how to drive to polis station?
u too stupid~
u dun have watch mie?
y wan take ppl watch?
dun jealous he watch is nicer than u, ok?
do u think u r the highest ?
stand so close for wat?
impolite action? r u a GAY?
SHIT ppl~ rubbish r u?
need RM500 for little injure on ur car?
said report u dun wan~ just wan MONEY!
u said wat? wan back Penang? 
cheater~! i didnt c u bring any luggage~

u think ur car is wat kind of precious~
need RM500? until polis station need RM150?
y leh? dunno wor.. u knw i knw~
u just wanna bully student only~
i knw u~ i will curse u always n ALWAYS~
pls dun care about it~

PHJ 4300

ur parents is SAKSI but thy r blind~
cos thy open their eye n cheating~
so called blind person~
i will respect those who blind but not this kind of BLIND..

wat a unlucky day~
this time i was extremely hate MALAY~