Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day

Nothing special on this day~
but the day before was very tired lo!!
偷情节! 竟然有这样的节日~
haha~ by the way .. thx HL a lot for accompany me....
thx she fetch me also...~
i promise i will learn to drive soon...!
i dun wan people always fetch me lah~
Paiseh wan...><
haha~ kidding lah~ Thx leh.. My fren~

Very nothing special on this day lo~
need to study until 6.00pm~
thn come back home ard 7.30pm~
haizzzz.... v just go to Ampang B-Station..!!
BUT the environment very niceeee~~~~~
Is a korea restaurant~ 很有气氛~
hehe^^ i will go again geh~
this time didnt take any photo!!!