Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy happy birthday to you~

happy b'day to u~~~~~~~
ur bro r so cute lo~
i love him so much ad~~~~~!!!!!!

beside tat photo is my new second family~~
have a cute bro beautiful mother n a funny father~
haha~ cant forget the one is black guy lo~
that day we justwear a same color shirt lo~
not 串通 de lah~

tis baby is ard drunk~
he like something bitter...
dun like sweet !!!
so special har~
so he like beer so much`!
the uncle give him drink a lot lo for a baby~
i think he is ard drunk in tis pic...><

tis is my 杰作~~~~~~so proud of it~
he beh song to take photo de lah~

i love tis pic very much^^
but he seem like so unhapy ....==

forever love ya~~~~~~~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


i feel so stress for my uni life ....
one of the subject i really dun understand..!!!
business law!!!!
i think it will kill me in my exam...
today is my 1st presentation...
very nervous lo~
but everything is ok~...
move it fluency...
god bless me~


and hor~~~
when i fill in the ptptn loan form...
i fill something wrong ard...
but the expire date is tomorrow....
HL..: How come wif me also???
i also dun knw how...
see tomorrow briefing lo...
pls dun have any mistake for me....
if cant get a loang for study...
my parent will very burden...
i cant be like tat...
they r so pity to have a daughter like me...
i think~
use so much money!!!!!!!!!!
haizzzzzzz.........feel stress.....><
help me pls~~

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

new life^^

i had ard move to sg.long almost 2 week~
long time dint upload my recently life lo!!!
i think just i wan to write no one see it de...==
hehe^^... my new house havent finish "shou shi"...
cant ket fren come 1st~
or who wanna help me to clean up???..><
i'm too lazy now~


not only tis~~~
my new school also near my house....
i need to study all the weekday...
but hor~~just until afternoon 3/2 only..!!
can find me go out de~
i feel like live at here no fren lo~
so far is it????
transport also not conviniece~
dun know y...
missing all of u guy~
i havent go to get my licence....
havent go to test~
too far, lazy jor!!!